A Prayer: Standing with The Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh

In light of yesterday’s horrific violence at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, we share this prayer that Rabbi Kedar wrote for her congregation.

Be strong and let your heart have courage

Psalm 31:25

God, hear our prayer.

With horror we bear witness to

the evil within our midst.

We prayer that our broken hearts

do not become embittered.

Let us not give in to cynicism and despair.

May we find comfort in our faith and in our community,

strengthen our resolve

to be messengers of peace and healing

and bring comfort to the broken hearted.

We pray for the soul of our country.

May violence be no more.

May the way of our land be for good and not for evil.

May the words we speak, inspire.

May our outstretched arms, embrace.

May our minds learn tolerance and understanding.

Strike the inclination to do evil from

the hearts of the wicked.

Empower us for good, for life, for love.

God, we pray for the children.

The children, our greatest gift,

the hope in our hearts, the delight of lives,

our future and legacy.

The children, dear God.

Innocent and true.

Our children, pure in their beauty,

proof of goodness and miracle.

Our children

The children, dear God.

May we be strong and may our hearts have courage.

October 27, 2018

18 Heshvan 5778

Rabbi Karyn Kedar, Senior Rabbi of Congregation B’nai Jehoshua Beth Elohim in Deerfield, IL, is widely recognized as an inspiring leader who guides people in their spiritual and personal growth. She is the author of many books, including Omer: A Counting.

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