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Welcome to Ravblog, the blog of the Central Conference of American Rabbis.

The world in which we live continues to change rapidly, including shifts in the Reform Movement and broader Jewish community.  This includes changes in demographics, finances and religious practice, as well as the way we gather as communities.

The CCAR itself is changing, as are the 2,000 rabbis who make up our membership, and the 1.5 million Jews we now serve in all walks of life including congregational and community settings. The CCAR’s mission, as it has been since 1889, is to strengthen and enrich the Jewish community.  We do this in many new ways be it through life-long learning, liturgical and Jewish practice publications, as well as cutting edge digital publications and Apps. We are also anchored in tradition as we apply Jewish principles to contemporary issues.

One way we continue to learn and grow is through engagement — engagement with our own rabbis, with other Jewish professionals, lay leadership in the Reform Movement, and with members of the broader Jewish community.

It has been great to hear from you and engage in conversations when we see each other in person at CCAR Conventions, national Biennials, professional conferences, congregational visits, universities, and even on military basis (yes, our rabbis serve Jews in the military).

To talk more often, we¹ve created Ravblog, as an ongoing space for us to interact.  Together we¹ll look at issues facing the CCAR, the Reform Movement, Israel, and the Jewish world as a whole.  We¹ll look at issues of today, and of tomorrow.  What are we all thinking about?  What are we working on?  What challenges are you facing?  What are the big ideas on our minds?

Some of our staff members will blog, as will CCAR leadership, and you¹ll also hear from a number of guest bloggers.  To our members who are great bloggers, and others who participate in this great online Jewish conversation — you have inspired us and set the bar high.

Let us know what you think and keep teaching us.


Rabbis Steve Fox, Hara Person, Debbie Prinz, Alan Henkin, and Dan Medwin

(The CCAR Rabbinic Staff)

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  1. I think this is a great idea – will this blog be restricted to CCAR members, or will it be open to the public?

    • Thanks Joel! We’re really excited about Ravblog. This is a public and outward facing blog that will showcase not only what we do at the CCAR, but the work of member rabbis as well. We hope that this blog will be one way to share our messages and the important work of the Reform rabbinate with the larger community.

  2. Kol hakavod! I’m excited to read more of what my Reform hevre are doing.

  3. B’ruchim Habaim to the wonderful world of the blogosphere!!! So glad to welcome the voices of the CCAR.

  4. Thrilled to have this new public face for the CCAR!

  5. I’ll be the person who is nitpicky, I suppose. I think you’re looking for “military bases”, not “basis”.

    Thankful to have you guys starting this. I think it will be very interesting. 🙂

    • Deborah Zimmer

      OK now I will be nitpicky. “You guys”? I assume that was meant to include all the fabulous women rabbis…

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